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The Midwest Wakesurf Association

Official Surfer Education Program

As a member, you now have access to our in person classes that will be held throughout the Midwest.  To access the calendar and sign up, please click here.  Not only do we expect you to have some fun, you will learn about the unwritten rules of wakesurfing, trick tips, driving tips, rules of the lake, and more!  You will also have access to our complete library of video modules that we will be releasing throughout the year.

Your support of the MWWSA will:

Who is the course for?

This course is for everyone! Whether you’re driving the boat, enjoying boat time as a passenger or on a surf board behind the boat. Everything in this course is designed to better educate all of us on the lake to provide a safer atmosphere while enjoying time wake surfing on the water.

Step 1. Video Modules

Introduction to wakesurfing part 1

Introduction to wakesurfing part 2

Introduction to wakesurfing part 3

Introduction to wakesurfing part 4

Introduction to wakesurfing part 5

Introduction to wakesurfing part 6

Introduction to wakesurfing part 7

Introduction to wakesurfing part 8

Introduction to wakesurfing part 9

Introduction to wakesurfing part 10

Step 2. Surf Education

Wake Surfing 101

safe Wake Surfing

Equip your boat for safe wake surfing:

  • Safety equipment
  • Proper ballasting
  • Ropes
  • Other

Proper personal wake surf gear:

  • Proper PFD
  • Sized to fit
  • In good condition

Courteous Approach to Wake Surfing: Own Your Wake

  • Steer clear of: shorelines, buoys, docks, other boats, fisherman, paddlers, etc
  • Mix it up! Move your surf line around and be courteous to others in the area.

Own Your Wake

You are not the only wake surfer or boater on the lake, so it is important to understand the cumulative impact that all lake use has on lake ecology, residents, businesses and other lake users.

Protect our lakes for future enjoyment by all.

Courteous Approach to Wake Surfing: Sound Down!

Sound down

  • Not everyone loves your music choice – be aware
  • Avoid blasting explicit songs/lyrics

Safety first! Lower volume:

  • Allows better communication with surfer
  • Avoid possible hearing damage
  • Increases focus on the boating environment
  • Courtesy to other boaters and homeowners on the lake
  • Less distraction for newer/younger captains

Proper Driving for Wake Surfing

Your rider is always #1 priority:

  • Communication is key
  • Know your hand signals
  • Sound down for additional focus AND driver/rider communications

Pick a protected line:

  • Away from shore/docks
  • Distanced from other boats, paddleboards, kayaks, etc
  • Deeper water is better
  • The vortex effect
  • Middle of the lake is generally deeper

Drive straight:

  • Avoid driving in circles and/or with a curve:
  • Creates a better wake
  • Easier for other boaters to estimate your direction


  • Will depend on the boat
  • Best between 9mph and 12mph
  • Gentle on the throttle when starting out
  • Wake surf boards have lots of lift – don’t need full throttle

Proper Driving for Wake Surfing

Fallen Rider Pick Up

  • Drop the throttle, and turn to the opposite side that the surfer is on
  • The boat and wake will do the majority of the work for you
  • Idle back to the surfer, do not over-drive your boat
  • Approach your rider on the driver’s side of the boat

Your Crew = Your Responsibility

  • Avoid distractions in the boat
  • Your surfer is your #1 responsibility
  • Pick a seat and stay there
  • Ensure visibility for driver and observer
  • Lake navigation is clear, until it isn’t. Be aware of blind spots, fast moving water craft, channels, other boater distractions, etc.
  • Avoid pets and other distractions in the boat

Do not wrap the rope around hands/body



  • In staging area, check that the drain plug is installed and the key is in the ignition
  • Load all gear into your boat


  • Attach fenders to the dock side of the boat and remove the transom tie-down straps
  • Attach dock lines to the bow and stern cleats


  • Unplug trailer lights
  • Move vehicle into tow position (straight); slowly reverse down the ramp until you see the stern start to float. Another person to guide is helpful.
  • Put your vehicle in park with the parking brake and release the trailer winch and safety chain
  • Use a bow line, give the boat a little push, and slide it slowly off the trailer into the water


Lake Minnetonka participates in the watercraft inspection program to help prevent the spread of AIS.

Be prepared to have your boat inspected at launches (incoming and/or outgoing) by professional watercraft inspectors. Please be courteous.



Watercraft operators are liable for any damage or accidents caused by their wakes. 

Thus, operators must maintain a distance that prevents their wakes from slamming shorelines, docks and other watercraft.

Step 3. Hit The Lake!

You now have all of the tools you need to safely enjoy your time surfing on your local lake and river!


We're making sure the next generations of water sports enthusiasts can enjoy the lakes and waters as we do.

Thanks For Your Support!

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